CBC Technovations is a managed IT services provider headquartered in Bloomfield, New Jersey with additional offices and a retail showroom situated nearby. We service clients throughout New Jersey and in the surrounding areas and also in several other states around the country.

Chris Collins, MCSE, CNA - Owner, Operations Manager, Computer Technician, Network Engineer

Chris started working with computers in the '70s, having developed an interest in BASIC programming on the original Commodore 64 and d128 platforms. His first tech job was programming NCR register terminals. Since then, he has worked in numerous mainframe and distributed computing environments, including IBM System3, System38, AS/400, Zilog Z8000, and Windows client/server networks. He received his first Novell networking certification in 1995 and has since become Microsoft and Brainbench certified. After teaching electronics, computer technology, networking, and certification prep for over a decade, he spent 12 years as the lead technician at a system integrator in Little Falls, NJ. In 2014, he founded CBC Technovations with a view toward providing affordable, innovative technology solutions backed by impeccable customer service. Supporting a range of customers from residential and SOHO users to small and mid-sized businesses, Chris brings a rare combination of tech savvy and people skills to his work.

Ian Collins - Computer Technician

For the better part of the last 5 years, Ian has immersed himself in computer technology. Beginning with course work in computer programming, Ian advanced to game development and ultimately began constructing his own high-end gaming systems. He has built, troubleshot, and torn down countless desktop PCs, servers, and even laptops. Although upgrades and repairs are his current speciality, Ian has also setup publicly accessible servers and assisted CBC Technovations' clients with network wiring, system integrations, O/S installs, and more. Most recently, he was heavily involved in the implementation of our "Virtual System Administrator" remote monitoring and management platform and attended KCA training for administrators.

Olugbenga Ojo - Support Specialist

The holder of both a degree in Business Administration and a CompTIA A+ certification, "Ojo" is a highly skilled, customer focused professional with a background in desktop PC support. From hardware components to software applications, Ojo has developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of various technology systems. His problem-solving abilities have been refined through numerous troubleshooting scenarios, allowing him to diagnose and resolve technical issues efficiently. Coupled with his commitment to professional development and his ability to adapt to emerging technologies, these characteristics make him an invaluable member of the CBC Technovations team.

Lisa Brown - Office Manager

Lisa brings 3 decades of customer service and business bookkeeping experience to CBC Technovations. In addition, her expertise with MS Office, Intuit QuickBooks, and other business productivity applications makes her an invaluable member of our team. Lisa currently handles all of our A/R, A/P, insurance, merchant services, and financial account management. Numerous customers have commented about her pleasant manner and high degree of professionalism and efficiency. We couldn't ask for anyone better to be the interface between us and our clients.