Managed IT Services from CBC Technovations

Labor and economic statistics show that small businesses are the driving force behind growth in our national economy. This means that existing small businesses need to find ways to remain competitive in a market where they can easily fall behind. One way to level the playing field is to leverage the same highly effective IT management strategies that are employed by large enterprises. This enables business owners and their employees to think less about technology and focus more attention on what they do best: servicing their customers. Additionally, the ever-increasing threat potential of working in a cloud-connected world means that no business can afford to be without strong and proactive infrastructure protection. With CBC Technovations’ Managed IT Services offerings, these goals are not only achievable but surprisingly affordable.

What are “Managed Services”?

Simply put, Managed Services consist of a collection of commonly used technology maintenance and monitoring approaches bundled together and largely automated through the installation of an inconspicuous piece of software called “VSA”. Desktop workstations, laptops and notebooks, and even servers can be kept secure, up-to-date, and functioning smoothly with minimal impact when Managed Services are utilized. And, it’s easier to keep incident response costs down by minimizing the susceptibility of systems to unforeseen damage or catastrophic failure. Maintenance costs can also be kept more consistent which allows for better budgeting.

  • Remote system health monitoring
  • Real-time remote support for end-users
  • True helpdesk-style incident response and documentation
  • Virus, malware, and ransomware protection
  • Windows update and patch management
  • Windows policy management
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Asset tracking

Our Managed IT Services can revolutionize your desktop and server support experience

Imagine no longer having to worry about the everyday technology chores and expenses that burden small businesses. No more purchasing anti-virus subscriptions. No more user intervention when software updates are needed. No more concerns about guarding against the latest cyberthreats. No more question marks about the reliability or life-cycle of legacy systems. No struggling to keep track of your technology assets. And, most importantly, affordable fixed monthly costs for the security of knowing that your infrastructure is monitored and maintained according to stringent standards.

With CBC Technovations’ VSA software solution, Managed IT Services are within your reach. Why not schedule a consultation with us to see how we can help you achieve your business goals by relieving you of the stress of IT management? Call or email us today for more information on our Managed IT Services.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your data processing needs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to simplify your computing experiences through the use of innovative and cost-effective technology solutions. From stand-alone residential and SOHO computer systems to multi-site corporate networks, we provide integration, management, and support services that are unrivalled for their price-point.

Our business focuses on the northern and central New Jersey regions, but we support clients in 15 other U.S. states as well and are able to travel anywhere in the continental U.S. if the need arises. We also provide remote connectivity services, allowing clients to leverage our years of experience in endpoint and network management even if they're located outside our geographic area. Our suite of products and services is tailored specifically to suit the needs of customers of any size and in any location.

We offer extremely personalized and affordable services to make your computing experiences as easy and productive as possible.

Technology doesn't have to be daunting - and it isn't when you have an experienced, trustworthy tech partner by your side. We strive to be that partner to every one of our clients.